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Getting Started

The Office Chair Buyer’s Guide

If you’re wondering where to start when searching for a new office chair, this guide is a good place to start.

In our complete office chair buyer’s guide, we cover the different chair types, components, ergonomic considerations, brands, materials and more.


Berkley Ergonomics Program

The “Be Well at Work” program from the University Health Services Dept. at Cal Berkley provides a wealth of information about correct ergonomic sitting postures and workplace setup considerations for home office workers.

With tips, checklists, articles and videos, this is an excellent destination for learning how to create a comfortable and healthy office space.

Sit Less, Move More!

This is a course that explains how to do simple office exercises to improve your posture.

It covers a bunch of helpful topics, including active sitting techniques, office exercise routines, how to release neck tension during the day, spinal flexibility, basic office ergonomics and more.

Ergonomics 101 – Humanscale

Humanscale offers extensive training in office ergonomics, from basic workshops to multi-day certification programs for aspiring ergonomic consultants and professionals.

We recommend the 1-hour interactive training session for anyone interested in learning more about the field or just increasing their knowledge and awareness about these issues

The Ergonomic Expert

This is the blog section for Karen E. Loesing, an ergonomics consultant and physical therapist based in California.

If you’re looking for information and advice on specific issues related to correct posture, adjustments that can be made to prevent repetitive strain injuries and more, this is a good site to check out.

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